PAV Workshop on Longterm Socioeconomic impacts of AV

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) have the potential to radically transform the spaces we travel through and to. While many European cities have already started experimenting with autonomous mobility, much of the current discussion revolves around the technology itself and its potential social and environmental impact. 

As part of the PAV project, POLIS is gathering a working group of experts to develop a qualified understanding of potential socioeconomic impacts of AV and factors influencing them. We would like to invite to this virtual workshop where you will be able to give your views and to review the new discussion paper we are preparing on the topic.  


Expectations are being created that self-driving cars will be there tomorrow, will always operate perfectly and will solve congestion and eliminate accidents. While automated cars may bring some benefits, there is also the possibility that their widespread introduction in urban areas could lead to increased congestion, negative environmental impacts (unless all AVs are electric and/or powered by renewables), increased energy consumption and negative health impacts, if walking and cycling are discouraged. Cities face the challenge of integrating automation in their planning while taking advantage of the opportunities/benefits they offer and, at the same time, minimizing the risks associated with them. 
Against this backdrop, the Interreg funded project PAV aims to develop green transport and spatial planning strategies that incorporate autonomous vehicles. To develop such strategies, local and regional authorities need to gain a deeper understanding of the potential paths of development, potential impacts and chains of causality. As part of PAV and with the collaboration of other Interreg projects (Art-Forum and Dynaxibility)POLIS is working on a discussion paper with the objective of raising awareness about the potential socioeconomic impacts of AV in both rural and urban areas and the factors that will influence such impacts.


9 Oct 2020 from  4:00 PM to  5:30 PM
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