Public Transport Lab: Autonomous Vehicles as part of a Public Transport System

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The final event in the Public Transport Lab series, taking place over 2 days- the following webinar on 23 November will be members only.

Autonomous Vehicles as part of a Public Transport System

22 November, 14:00-15:30 CET

This is the 8th webinar in the Public Transport Lab series.

Autonomous Vehicles could lead to healthier, safer and greener cities – but only if the vehicles are integrated into an effective public transport network. How can Autonomous Vehicles work within Public Transport Networks? 

Across two webinars, EU-funded projects PAV, Dynaxibility and Ride2Autonomy will present some of the elements and strategies necessary to integrate AV in PT networks, as well as some lessons learned coming from the city pilots.

This event draws from work being conducted by EU projects including, PAV, Dynaxibility, Ride2Autonomy, as well as work from POLIS' Traffic Efficiency working group.


  • Daniel Franco, Rupprecht Consult (PAV, Dynaxibility) 
  • Jaap Vreeswijk, MAPtm (Ride2Autonomy) 
  • Christian Riester, Pendel Mobility (Ride2Autonomy) 
  • Constance Lauffet, CARA project  
  • Max Wehlin, Varbergs kommun
22 Nov 2021 from  2:00 PM to  3:30 PM
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