POLIS-ALICE Webinar #3: Zero Emission Zones & Logistics Solutions

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3rd webinar in the joint POLIS-ALICE series exploring Zero Emission Zones & Logistics Solutions

Friday 8th July 2022

09:00 – 10:30 CET


Zero emission urban logistics is the utmost ambition of both POLIS and ALICE members. However, to achieve the ambition, we still has a long way to go.

Building on POLIS-ALICE Joint Guide for advancing towards zero-emission urban logistics by 2030, launched in December 2021, this webinar aims to facilitate the discussion between policy makers and logistics practitioners on zero emission zones and logistics solutions.

Through the discussion, POLIS and ALICE will help to build trust with stakeholders and ensure policy development and implementation taking into account of the logistics sector’ views, thus reach our ambitions of zero emission urban logistics by 2030.


Background to webinar

Many cities have implemented low emission zone, and have strategies to have zero emission zone in next few years, e.g. the Netherlands aim to have a ZEZ in 30 – 40 largest cities by 2025 according to Stientje van Veldhoven, Minister for the Environment of The Netherlands. Zero emission urban logistics requires more than replacing fossil fuel-powered vehicles with zero-emission vehicles. There is also a strong need for new strategies and new forms of cooperation, among private stakeholders as well as between public and private sectors



POLIS-ALICE 2022 webinar series

As carbon reduction targets loom, demand for commerce rockets, and urbanisation rates accelerate, the freight sector faces a growing number of complex challenges. Yet, the opportunities available have never been so exciting! From Zero-emissions zones for freight, to cargo-bike delivery, urban delivery is changing rapidly. So how can we navigate the best way forward? Look no further than the POLIS-ALICE webinar series.

POLIS has a long-standing partnership with the European Technology Platform ALICE, working together to forge synergies between projects, initiatives, cities-regions, and companies to accelerate innovation.  The webinar series come hot on the heels of the Joint Guide for advancing towards zero-emission urban logistics by 2030, published in December 2021. The guide brought together the views of a wide range of stakeholders and experts to guide local and regional authorities, national and EU governments, companies, civil society, and citizens, to address five key areas of intervention for taking sustainable urban freight to the next level.

Across the series, governance, technology, planning, incentive schemes and more are explored. It is a chance to learn how public-private partnerships are being deployed in novel ways to leverage cutting edge digital technologies and data sharing mechanisms. It will also provide an opportunity to hear about new concepts and opportunities between ongoing EU-funded projects and initiatives.

Most of the webinars in this series are reserved exclusively for POLIS and ALICE members, with a select few open to the public.


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8 Jul 2022 from  9:00 AM to 10:30 AM