POLIS-ALICE Webinar #5: Use of Urban Space and Dynamic Curbside management

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This webinar will disseminate knowledge and good practices from past and ongoing projects on better use of urban space.

Use of Urban Space and Dynamic Curbside management

22 November




Urban space is under pressure to accommodate needs from business and residents to meet increased demand for freight transport. Fast growing urban logistics, fueled by booming of e-commerce has challenged the conventional approach of managing urban space.

To enable a more dynamic and integrated approach to plan and manage urban space, new tools, models and collection have been developed and tested to help cities reallocate street space to meet current and future challenges. This needs to be embedded and understood within a wider context – reaching out to align with cities’ vision and taking into account changes in life style changes and consumers’ behaviors. 

Several EU funded projects has proposed and piloted various applications and tools to enable more integrated and dynamic urban space planning and management of in various cities.

This webinar invites the MORE and Flexcurb project to share their findings, aiming to facilitate more collaboration between local authorities and logistics operators/business to better use of urban space, not only for efficiency of urban freight transport but also for better competitiveness of business and quality of life for citizens.

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November 22nd, 2022 10:00 AM through 11:30 AM
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